For over fifty years we have used our professional experience and knowledge in the film industry and the entertainment business, and we have also worked with individuals, agencies and local government to create special events or mark a particular occasion.

Contacts throughout Europe.

Whether you wish to celebrate a special event in your town, close a festival or an equestrian event, provide entertainment at a business meeting or simply make a private party that little bit more original, contact us to discuss your project !

At the Ferme de Sauvage we have more than 400 vehicles, of all types and from all periods, available for use by set designers.

We personally handle the transport of all our teams and vehicles to where they are needed, on location or to the studios, thus guaranteeing timescales and efficiency.

Mr. HARDY acts as a technical advisor for the production crew. Donít hesitate to contact us.

Hiring out, building, decorating and refurbishing horse-drawn carriages; training, transporting, equipping and driving all our teamsÖthatís our passion and our business.

Since 1950 the ECURIES HARDY have been living and working with the film industry. With more than 600 films to our credit we have covered all the periods of the history of the horse.

ECURIES HARDY has a wide range of props, essentially for period pieces, which can be hired by the set director and property master.

Several thousand objects have been acquired over the past thirty years, and now take up over 2000 m≤ of storage space. Part of the inventory can be viewed on-line (Showroom, Accessories).

Approximately forty carriage-horses of different breeds and colours are kept at the ECURIES HARDY, as well as mules, donkeys, and oxen (trained to pull vehicles), and even sheep, ponies and dogs. All of the animals can be transported to any shooting location where they are needed.

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