It was in 1978 that the ECURIES HARDY moved to the Ferme de Sauvage, approximately 55 kms south-west of Paris, near RAMBOUILLET.

The farm, a fine anglo-norman style property, is situated in 70 hectares of meadows and woods (easy access from the A13 and A10).

This property is available for on-location scenes. A large number of films have already been shot there : :

- "L'institutrice" de Frédéric Feldman,
"Maria des eaux vives" de Robert Mazolyer,
- "L'étalon noir",
- "Les monos",
- "Femmes de loi",
- "La belle époque",
- "Casanova",
- "Chouans" de Philippe de Broca ....

Film crews can make use of the exterior (an inner courtyard like that of a stud-farm, a family mansion, a pigeon-house, stables and a barn) or the interior of the property (several rooms are available).

There is easy parking for production vehicles.

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